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Prepare Your Property for Market the EK&A Way

When getting ready to list your property, there are many crucial steps you must take. Gone are the days when you rushed to list and hoped for the best. Modern buyers are educated and know exactly what they want in their search for the perfect property. And most of all, they won’t settle — they want what they want. But you’re in luck because our team is here to lend expertise so that you can list your property and get the very best price because you have planned ahead and done things the right way.

Here are the top tips we give to all our clients looking to list their property: 

  • Contact us to list your property and help you get it in order.

  • Use our knowledge and the knowledge of the Village Properties team as a whole, on the local market trends, to price your property correctly. 

  • Thoroughly assess the condition of your property as if you were the buyer, and be realistic about possible improvements needed before listing.

  • Establish clear lines of communication and be open to feedback. We want to see you sell as quickly as possible and for the highest price, but in order to do so, it is important to keep an open mind and be open-minded regarding constructive critiques regarding your property.

  • Seriously consider hiring a stager, should that be the best option for getting the highest price for your home. We have wonderful staging resources and this can make a very large impact on your final sales price!

  • Consider having inspections done prior to listing on MLS so that you can take care of any repairs ahead of time and avoid difficult negotiations during the escrow.

  • If you need some help with upfront improvement costs, Village Properties has a solution - VP Assist. Contact us on this topic for more information.

  • If you have any legal questions about the sale of your home get them answered ahead of time through our Village Legal Services offered at no cost to the client *see below

  • Most importantly, clean, organize, and declutter. We are here to help!

*Real Estate Risk Management, Inc. operates the Risk Management Buyer and Seller Protection program. Participation in the program is subject to Real Estate Risk Management, Inc.'s terms and conditions. All legal services are performed by and the responsibility of Real Estate Risk Management, Inc.


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