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Design Style ~ Details Matter

Jenni Kayne (Rip & Tan) - Jan 23, 2022

We are really loving the simplicity and quality of Jenni Kayne's designs. Details really do matter! Being in real estate, we tend to be obsessed with interior design. Follow Jenni's new podcast for some amazing tips and tricks...

Whether we’re touring covetable spaces, designing essentials for your wardrobe, or sharing insider knowledge on how to elevate a home, there’s one core mantra that unifies all that we do: every detail matters. This is the exact ethos that inspired our very first interior design podcast, aptly named Details Matter. Each week, Jenni asks design leaders that we trust and admire to share thoughtful tips around making your house a home. New episodes premiere every Monday wherever you listen to podcasts—but before you listen, read on for how we brought it all to life. 

A Space For Our Most-Asked Design Questions

Making a space feel special calls for an interiors eye that evolves over time—and that evolution comes with countless questions that require expert-led answers. Coming off of our latest lifestyle book, Pacific Natural At Home, we were inspired to bring our community yet another avenue for exploring and understanding the many facets of interior design through our unique aesthetic language and point of view. That’s where Details Matter came in.


In Conversation With Experts We Admire

With Jenni leading the way, we curated a list of topics that we felt spoke to the overarching queries around design and paired each one with an industry expert whose untapped knowledge and taste could define our conversation in an impactful way. From kitchen fundamentals with Sophia Roe to styling tricks from Jake Arnold, every episode is an ode to the space that matters most. But that’s not all: after each episode, Jenni answers a design question from our community that aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of California design.

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