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The Nature Conservancy

Protecting Ocean, Land, and Water

Per The Nature Conservancy, our best hope for a healthy and resilient planet is to protect lands,

freshwater, and ocean by 2030.

TNC believes change is possible. Momentum is building on this important environmental issue, and we are

making tangible and significant progress to address plastic pollution.


With your support, TNC will continue to transform California into a leader on effective and impactful

plastic waste reduction to address this global crisis. Working together, we can

ensure that future generations do not inherit an ocean choked with plastic.

Join us in tackling this challenge. Our oceans are worth it.


EK&A supports The Nature Conservancy by giving back and supporting their causes.

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Image by Silas Baisch

See how you can support TNC in protecting our Ocean, Land, and Water.


Teacher's Fund

The Teacher’s Fund was created to help Santa Barbara County teachers get the tools and materials they need for their classrooms and their students. Teacher’s Fund has granted more than $1.6 million dollars to Santa Barbara County public and private kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School teachers.

In 2002, Renee Grubb the owner of Village Properties established The Village Properties Teacher’s Fund (Teacher’s Fund). The non-profit organization was established to assist local teachers with the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment needed for classrooms. EK&A has supported the Teacher’s Fund from the beginning, giving back to support teacher's across Santa Barbara. 



Notebooks and Pencils
Teacher with Tablet

See how you can support local teachers in providing education for the next generation.

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Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation advocates for families living in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo counties that have a child with cancer by providing financial, educational, and emotional support. EK&A was on the Member Service Committee of the SBAOR for 3 years (1 year as Chair on the Member Service Committee) serving and supporting the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. 



Gold Ribbon

See how you can donate or get involved in helping children at the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

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