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EK&A Moving Business Forward While Sheltering Through COVID-19

Real estate transactions are currently deemed an essential function in California. As we all press on throughout these weeks under shelter-in-place and social distance restrictions, we are exploring new avenues for meeting clients' needs. EK&A will remain in motion throughout the current pandemic while taking utmost care in keeping clients safe. We will be temporarily changing the way we do business. Fortunately, there are many useful tools to engage and provide service to our clients. We invite you to consider these options if you want to move forward buying or selling property.

Virtual Tours

In addition to standard professional photography and video; when properties are not occupied, an agent will set-up a shoot for your home. We can also offer virtual tours and post to our virtual open house page: Virtual Open House.

Home Tours Following Safety Protocol

Agents are able to provide home tours following social distancing measures. Clients may receive in-person home tours providing that clients sign a waiver and follow guidelines for safe home touring.

Contact us if you have interest in viewing a property.

Virtual Open Houses

Potential buyers can view a listing from any device. We allow people to experience listings using unique photo galleries, videos, 3D imaging. These tools are supplemented with top-notch contact management which aid buyers in ask questions and making offers to sellers.

3D and Virtual Reality Tours

Viewers experience depth, design, layout, and travel virtually throughout a home. The experience is very similar to touring a home and this technique is being utilized often to let clients experience a listing without having to travel.