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Guidance for Disinfecting Your Home: How to Keep Your Home Germ Free Through the Pandemic

Tips for Cleaning During Coronavirus Mixetto: Getty Images via

Greetings from EK&A. We are reaching out at this time to express our concern and care for our neighbors and clients. We would like you to know you are in our thoughts and we would like to share some helpful information with all of you as we move through this period of social restriction. We have gathered information we feel is helpful to pass on in regard to how cleaning and disinfecting your home during this pandemic. This may be information you have already- or you may find some of the information useful. Knowledge is power so we invite you to this education on ways to stay safe:

Photo credit: John Hopkins University: Coronavirus

We also recommend this note released from John Hopkins University listing useful facts about what comprises the novel coronavirus and what cleaning products can and cannot be used eliminate it:

Village Properties has released a helpful post for Community Support in Santa Barbara. If you are in need of assistance, or feel you would like to get involved in an effort to help others, this has useful information about how members of the community can come together. You can also feel free to reach out to Emily Kellenberger and her team through her website: or via email:


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