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This little piece of coastal paradise sits on the southeast corner of Santa Barbara County, about fifteen minutes to the east of downtown Santa Barbara.  Carpinteria has a small town charm to it, with its downtown full of cute boutiques, antique stores, and a mix of local restaurants and cafés.  Some of the local favorites for a bite to eat are “Esaus” (known for their amazing breakfast) and “The Spot” (perfect if you are in the mood for a good burger). I also like their Thai food restaurant right on the main drag on Linden Avenue.

Rincon Point

Like many of the neighborhoods in the Santa Barbara area, Carpinteria has many beautiful beaches.  Some of the local beaches are Sandyland Cove, Sand Point Road, and Padaro Lane.  Carpinteria is also known for its spectacular surf, being the home to a world renowned surfing area known as Rincon Point, and the local kids love Tar Pits as well.  Being a place surrounded by a splendid natural setting, Carpinteria is full of various wonderful parks, and a lot of people consider it a great place to raise a family.


Carpinteria has a great school system.  This area consists of one high school, one middle school, four elementary schools, and a private preparatory school called Cate.  Cate not only hosts students from all over the country, but international students as well.  Cate is staffed with top-notch professors and extra-curricular opportunities.


Carpinteria is known for its agriculture and equestrian life. You will see various nurseries growing flowers, and other crops. For example, Toro Canyon is currently host to Toro Canyon Nursery and oen of the sites where Fresh Choice grows their vegetables, right at the base of the road. As you drive along Foothill, you will see numerous other nurseries as well. The Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club is located in Carpinteria and is one of the country’s premier equestrian polo fields. Last year Prince William visited for a match. Recently I sold a private polo field on Lambert Road, consisting of 52 acres and beautiful facilities. Private polo has become very popular in Carpinteria.


*Painting by Chris Potter*

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