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Mission Canyon and the Las Canoas area are considered to be sister areas, with the El Cielito Estates right nearby. Mission Canyon is known for its beautiful vegetation, and also its stunning views overlooking the town of Santa Barbara out to the ocean and Channel Islands. When I think of this area of Santa Barbara, I think of the way they connect Santa Barbara to Montecito on the backside of Santa Barbara’s Riviera. This area could be considered an extension of Santa Barbara or Montecito, and they tend to be a warmer than downtown Santa Barbara, since the location is further back from the water. These neighborhoods have has their own microclimate and vegetation. A lot of bikers love to test their commitment with the hills in this area, and the homeowners love the warmth and the views, unless their homes are located in a canyon, and still the views of the setting and the trees would be beautiful even if there was no ocean view.


Mission Canyon, Las Canoas, and El Cielito are mostly made up of single family homes. The neighborhoods rise up into the foothills just beyond the downtown area, and Mission Canyon in particular gained its name from the famous Mission of Santa Barbara. There are a handful of attractions in this area, including the Santa Barbara botanic gardens, Skofield Park, and numerous hiking trails, including the Seven Falls trail.  The 78-acre botanical garden contains over 1,000 species of rare and indigenous plants in a natural setting.  Beatrix Farrand founded the gardens in 1926, and they continue to be an attraction for both visitors and Santa Barbara locals.  The most well known hiking trails include Seven Falls and Inspiration Point.


*Painting by Chris Potter*

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